IGT is proud to have such a ‘powerful engine’ that brings maximum productivity and delivers products with the greatest efficiency and finest quality always.

Modern Design Team

Modern design team which recognises our customer needs and helps turn around samples and prototypes with in the allowed time frame. We have adequate infrastructure and manpower to execute any volume of orders within the required time frame.

Dynamic Products

We source our finished hides from different parts of the world  like USA, South America, China, Pakistan and Turkey along with a vast supply chain of finished leathers from different parts of India. This enables us to offer products in different price categories as per our customers needs.

Production Capability

25,000 Handbags per month.

75,000 pieces Men’s Small Leather Goods per month.

35,000 pieces Ladies Small Leather Goods Per month.

Global Presence

With sales/support office in heart of New York City and has buying offices in Hong Kong and China to source world class hardware and accessories for our products.

Skilled & Experienced Team

Extremely  talented to understand all our customers needs in this fast changing fashion industry. We can generally turn around first proto samples within 3 days.

True Craftmanship

Every member in the production team is a true craftsman. These craftsmen demonstrate the highest level of perfection with meticulous care in every process – from cutting of material to final product finishing.
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