What we do matters

A 40 year old organisation with Pan Asia presence, looking for global expansion with the help of its dedicated team of experts.

Design Team

IGT offers modern design team which recognizes our customer needs and helps turn around prototypes with in  time frame.


IGT have adequate infrastructure and manpower to execute any volume of orders within the required time frame.

Global Presence

IGT has sales/support office in heart of New York City and has buying offices in Hong Kong and China.

Premium Products

IGT source  finished hides from different parts of the world  like USA, South America, China and Turkey.


Director's Message

“IGT’s vision of the future is to build on our successful business model and increase our  global foot print. As a family owned and operated organization, we are committed in  building on our heritage of success.”

S.S. Sawhney

What We Offer

Leather Hand Bags

Synthetic PU Bags

Jute Bags

Canvas Bags

Small Leather Goods

Fabric Bags

Head Office

IGT Fashion House
No.10,Pemental Street
West Bengal, India


(+9133) 40279900-23

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