Design and Developement

Brand Development / R&D


Our in house design team consists of young designers who have are full of new and unique ideas for creating the next ear of designs and products. The designers are in sync with the ever changing trend and fashion around the world.

Freelance Design Team

In addition we also maintain freelance design team in  New York who help us with the upcoming trends in the fashion world and also give us direction in sourcing new materials and leathers which give us the edge in providing fresh and new looks year around .In addition to keeping up with fashion, we have strict focus of ensuring that each product made is fit for use.

Fresh Concepts

Our team works closely with our customers in building new products using different materials and applications which help us bringing forth fresh new concepts ready to be marketed in the world wide market

Brand Building

Our design team always focuses on brand building and providing designs and ideas to fit the  brand aesthetics and also ensure to use the right material and shapes relevant to the brand story.

Product Development and Materials.

IGT provides seamless development across the product range of

Ladies Handbags and Accessories

Men's Bags and Briefcases

Small Leather Goods and both Men and Women.

Specialized packaging for wallets and handbags .

A variety of Materials for production.

IGT specializes in providing flexibility to our customers by providing them a range of materials to choose from which range from leather and non leathers. Some of the materials which are currently used in our production line are as follows-

Full Grain Leather

Finished Pu Splits

Digitally Printed Leathers

Hand Painted Leather

Synthetic PU and PVC

Embroidery on Jute,Cotton,Leather and Suede's

Splits and Suede's

Embossed leather and Foil transfer leathers

Screen Printed Leather

Full Veg Tanned Leather

Fabrics like Jute,Cotton,Denim,Velvet,Canvas,Silk and 100% Linen

We welcome you to contact us for any type of development.

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